Digital Marketing Services for Growing Your Company

Ecommerce is the way of the future. There are already well over 2 billion worldwide who purchase goods and services online, while the eCommerce industry is expected to account for 22% of all retail sales by 2023 – that’s up from just 14% in 2019. Clearly, the wind is blowing in only one direction when it comes to eCommerce – and your company can’t afford to miss out.

Creating an elite eCommerce ecosystem

You might think that eCommerce comprises the last mile in the customer sales funnel – and while that’s true to an extent, it’s responsible for so much more. An eCommerce portal that’s performing to its full potential shouldn’t just guide your customers towards the checkout, but it should also dovetail with all other parts of your digital identity to fuel analysis, inform insights and improve performance.

For example, connecting your eCommerce site with other facets of your business operations such as accounting, stockroom, and CRM can help to automate and optimise many processes, streamlining your company for success in the 21st century. You can not only match up orders with existing stock, bookkeeping records, and customer data but analyse that information to understand where your website is performing well – and where it needs work.

Meanwhile, a forward-thinking eCommerce platform will also integrate with your marketing campaigns, allowing you to display customer reviews, referrals, and FAQs to show your brand in the best light. You can also evaluate customer behaviour to tailor bonuses, discounts, and promotions to those who are likely to take advantage of them the most.

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